Saturday, June 27, 2009

You can NAME A PUP!

The puppy naming contest is up and running, and you have a chance to name one of Smoke's Pup Crew!   We are all so excited to see what creative names comes in as entries.  Remember: these puppies will eventually serve children and adults with disabilities so keep that in mind. Submit your name choice at

The pups are starting to understand they have 4 legs, so motoring about the pen on 4 legs is just a couple days away. And, their eyes are opening.  And, they will get their first taste of solid food this week. The babies are growing up so quickly!  (OH - and if you notice a large German Shepherd in the pen with the puppies, don't worry. It isn't the big, bad's only Auntie Tacara making a visit.)

Remember that if you tune into the camera and there's no picture or if the camera lens is covered, it means the pups are taking a temporary break from the limelight (or that the bedding is being changed, etc.).  These "breaks" typically are 15 to 30 minutes in length so be sure to check back.

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