Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 Week Old

Red girl sleeping

Purple girl sleeping on Cleo's back legs

Pink and Green girls sleeping together

The pups are all doing well, a bit small for their age, but gaining weight and vigorous. Weights currently range from 17 oz (White) to 26 oz (Blue). Quite a few of the pups are almost walking already. And the pups are getting their first toe nail trim today (trying to catch them when they are sleepy). Cleo is still not producing an adequate amount of milk, so the pups are getting bottle fed 3 times per day and loving it. Cleo is spending more and more time out of the puppy pen and is no longer too concerned if the other adult dogs in the household check out the pups. When Cleo does make an appearance, the pups instantly wake up and swarm her.

This morning, ICAN upgraded the camera for the puppy cam. Check it out at

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