Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Riley on Furlough

Puppy Riley visited with Tony Stewart Foundation staff on Tuesday of last week during an impromptu lunch and visit to a local pet supply store.
She was on her best behavior and it's a good thing! The manager at our lunch location needed a little convincing that she was a service dog in training given her age and small size. But Riley stood up to this test and conducted herself just like a proper worker dog would. Over the next 3 hours, Riley did not utter one inappropriate bark and kept her bladder manners in mind. As for her loose-leash walking training, she was a tad challenging, but then again she's only 3 months old!

Inside the pet supply store, she made friends with an over-anxious Pugle dog, and while outside the store she befriended a very sweet Terrier.

The trip concluded with a visit to the Tony Stewart racing office where Riley made a beeline for Tony's mom's office! Inside Pam's office were a woman and her little daughter who were visiting. Riley immediately snatched up one of the child's Beenie-Babies for herself (which she had to give back). But, how wonderful to watch Riley interact with this young child who might have been a year and a month or two old. Riley was calm, but at the same time interested in the child. Calm but interested are good traits for a service dog in training, especially since Riley's future may involve assisting a child managing a disability!

After nearly 3 full hours of socializing, Riley began her car trip back to the ICAN office. Within seconds of leaving the race store, she was fast asleep.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Yes, those are feathers sticking up from puppy Charlotte's rump in the above picture. And yes, that's a red wattle hanging from her chin just like a turkey has. Furlough families who take ICAN pups in training out into the community to introduce them to new sights and sounds can be VERY creative.

Jennifer, a furlougher who had puppy Charlotte recently on her release from prison, entered both her own black Labrador and Charlotte in the North Salem Old Fashion Days Pet Parade.

Charlotte was dressed up as a turkey, as you can see. The black Lab was dress in camouflage with a fake gun. THEY WERE AWARDED FIRST PLACE HONORS!

While a bit premature, Happy Halloween and Early Thanksgiving to all !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet the PCF Handlers Who Train for ICAN

Introducing the handlers at Plainfield Correctional Facility who are training the Tony Stewart Foundation litter. These guys deserve a round of applause for all the effort they are putting into training these nine energetic pups. (In fact, I am applauding them right now as I babysit Riley who's out of prison on furlough....she's interested in everything, has to be watched every second, and is quite vocal! She's lovely - just has to be watched nonstop.)

John with Bella

Casey with Dega

Jeff with Hunter

Stephen with Riley

O'Neill and Charlotte

David with Bristol

Brandon and Dora

Kris and Riley

Sam and Lily

Corey with Charlotte

Jason with Hunter

Chuck with Bella

Jason with Lily

Florian with Dora

Dustin with Racer

Eric with Bristol

Jason with Racer

Dora Does Her Flying Nun Imitation

For those who remember the TV show The Flying Nun, this photo of Dora needs no explanation. Looking at it in racing terms - it's her spoiler, her aerodynamic package!