Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet the PCF Handlers Who Train for ICAN

Introducing the handlers at Plainfield Correctional Facility who are training the Tony Stewart Foundation litter. These guys deserve a round of applause for all the effort they are putting into training these nine energetic pups. (In fact, I am applauding them right now as I babysit Riley who's out of prison on furlough....she's interested in everything, has to be watched every second, and is quite vocal! She's lovely - just has to be watched nonstop.)

John with Bella

Casey with Dega

Jeff with Hunter

Stephen with Riley

O'Neill and Charlotte

David with Bristol

Brandon and Dora

Kris and Riley

Sam and Lily

Corey with Charlotte

Jason with Hunter

Chuck with Bella

Jason with Lily

Florian with Dora

Dustin with Racer

Eric with Bristol

Jason with Racer

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