Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 5

A contrast in colors - White girl (dark) and Red girl (light)

Purple girl on top

Blue boy

Cleo and the pups are all doing great. I have begun supplimenting the pups with a bottle since Cleo wasn't keeping up with this large family, and the pups weren't gaining weight at the rate they should be. All the pups have taken to goat milk in the bottle and are still eagerly nursing Cleo. Cleo's appetite is coming back and as her calorie intake increases, hopefully so to will her milk production. The pups have also already outgrown their newborn puppy collars (elastic hair bands). For the next week or two, I will identify them with nontoxic paint dabs on their rumps. Red/White is now Green, Pink/Purple is now Yellow, and Blue/Orange is now Black. BioSensor exercises will continue until the pups are 16 days old.

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