Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ever Exanding World

The favorite puppy bed

How many pups can fit, or almost fit, in one small puppy bed!

This pup already has its eyes on the outside world

Auntie Tacara assisting with clean up duties

The puppy pen, with litter box at the far right end

On Wednesday evening, I bumped out the puppy pen and added a litter box. The litter box is a plastic hatch liner from a small car, and I fill it with newspaper and shredded office paper for litter. Blue boy was the first pup to christen the litter box, and a few others have followed suit on their own. When the pups first wake up and after nursing, we hurry them over to the litter box to start patterning good manners. It is amazing how fast most pups catch on. More and more toys will be added to the puppy pen over the next week or so. The pups are currently enjoying small amounts canned food and will be introduced to soaked puppy kibble this weekend. And of course, the pups are getting lots of cuddling time.

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