Sunday, July 19, 2009

5 weeks old

The pups are 5 weeks old, and starting to have their own unique personalities. They are acting like normal little puppies - running around, play fighting, biting on each others ears, trying to undo shoe laces, playing with toys, etc. But they still tire quickly and spend much of the day sleeping. With the weather being so pleasant, they have had lots of outdoor time, and we encourage them to much of their toileting outside. It is so cute to open up the pen and have the little herd of puppies all charge to the door going out into the backyard. They are also starting to receive visitors and are a very social bunch. Yesterday, one of their guests was a 3 to 4 year old neighbor girl.

At their most recent weigh in, most of the pups weighed 6 to 7 pounds. Big Blue boy topped the scales at 7 lbs and little White girl was only a bit over 5 lbs. White girl had a bad case of puppy diarrhea earlier in the week and wasn't eating much. But the second half of the week, she has been back to normal, eating and gaining weight at the same rate as her littermates. Together the nine pups are currently eating 9 pups of puppy kibble per day. Cleo's milk has almost dried up already.

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