Friday, October 9, 2009


Three videos are attached as a movie or as links - and all are about Smoke's Pup Crew!

Get ready to try and accept the fact that the large puppies you see on this video are indeed Smoke's Pup Crew! You know, those tiny little puppies you followed from birth on the Puppy Cam? Now, Smoke's Pup Crew are 14 weeks old - and oh my gosh - you won't believe how much they know (more on that in a future blog, but let's just say that these puppies at 14 weeks are about ready to pass their Level 1 certification of skills). Precocious? YES! Advanced? YES! Adorable? YES! Again, ICAN sends its thanks out to the Plainfield Correctional Facility and to the trainers there who have put these puppies on an amazing path to service work. And while these puppies work hard each day, they also have lots of time for play as you're about to see.

And, in case you missed the airing of Pet Pals TV on Channel 13 last month or this month, check out these video links. In this first LINK (click LINK to view videos), Smoke's Pup Crew is the first story. In this second and most recent video LINK, the story is closer to the end (about the 14 minute marker) but there's more of a focus on the prison training with footage inside the Plainfield Correctional Facility.

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