Saturday, August 1, 2009

Puppy Cam Turning Off Aug. 4

All good things must come to an end, as they say. And, that includes the puppy cam. But this blog will continue so you can follow the pups progress and photos!

On August 4th the puppy cam will be shut off. But why? It's time for the next phase of the puppies' lives - moving on to Plainfield Correctional Facility to begin their pup-start training. For the next month and a half to two months, the pups will be trained by offenders in the most basic of all skills (eye contact, toileting, sitting, etc.) as a way of preparing them for the more advanced service dog training they eventually will receive. Occasionally, a few folks worry about these pups going into prison but we assure you, there's no need.
Offenders who train for ICAN are carefully selected, and the puppies and ICAN dogs in training always seem to bring out the best in people - in all people.

What we observe at the prison are offenders who are eager and excited about the potential these pups hold for people with disabilities, who are proud of the fact that they are helping a child or adult in need. What we observe is how they soften and show such compassion toward and love for the dogs, in part because that's exactly what dogs offer humans back.

Onward! A puppy cam viewer recently asked, "Why so many toys and items in the puppy pen? It's hard to make out what's a stuffed animal and what's a real puppy! And also, why don't I see the pups in the pen as much?" Excellent questions.

We want a stimulating environment for the pups, so having toys to interact with and things to have to negotiate over and through helps with neuromuscular and mental development. New textures, sounds, movement, and such help the little pups become more open to things they will encounter in the
The pups lately have been sleeping around the periphery of the pen which is often out of camera range. And also, the pups are spending considerable time out of the pen - basically most of the time when someone is home and awake, and for the 2-4 hours that Nancy (pup sitter) is over there in the afternoon, they are out of the pen.
They are running around the house and yard, or just sleeping in the outdoor pen. It was fun this morning, since the back door could be left open, and the pups followed people around the kitchen and others hung out on the porch. Many were napping under the kitchen table or in the plants next to the porch. Two or three
of them often check out when the refrigerator or cabinets were opened, and there were a few
cabinet doors purposely banged shut to get them used to loud sounds. And, amazingly, very few toileting "accidents". Never a dull moment these days.

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